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(la rousse c`est moi) #1

savepureness in mythologique_r

(hello, hello, hello, how low?)

: Iulia
Age: 23
Zodiac Signs: Aries (European) & Fire Tiger (Chinese)
Do you feel that your zodiac signs fit you or not? Very much so!

Do you care if your stamp implies gender? No, I really don't mind to which gender I am assigned.

Positive Adjectives: Creative, enthusiastic, driven, lively, friendly, adaptable, communicative, witty, well-read, loyal, honest
Negative Adjectives: Insecure, stubborn, reckless, temperamental, selfish, obsessive
Neutral Adjectives: I'm a person who sees descriptive traits in black and white - it's difficult for me to define "neutral" in this context.

Likes: Books, cinematography, writing, discussions, foreign languages and cultures, folklore, mythology, fairy tales, legends, art, drama, traveling, coffee, spicy food
Dislikes: Violence, needles, bad smells, stray dogs, birds, boring days, being sick

Favorite Place: Till now, Copenhagen (city) and my place (room)

What are you good at? Writing, critique, foreign languages, communication, surfing the internet

What are you not so good at? Listening, being patient, being punctual, being less moody, quitting bad habits

Describe Yourself: I am far from being linear -- I'm rather made of ups and downs, tosses and turns, whims and rhymes and moody behaviour. I care a lot about family and friends, but in my own expansive and know-it-all possessive way. I am excited by many prospects and start a lot of projects, but rarely finish something that isn't bound to cost me dearly if I don't. In terms of looks, I'm of average height, proportional enough not to care, a dyed redhead featuring glasses for 13 years now.

How do you view love? If applicable, what is your current relationship like? Love is a complex and complicated feeling, and I have already stop trying to define it. I am not in a relationship -- I have recently ended one that meant a lot to me, so at the moment I'm enjoying the feeling of being single (though I know myself and I'll soon get depressed if something doesn't happen).

Are you more trusting or cynical? It depends. Normally  trust people hands down, but when something really, really good happens to me due to one person of another, I always ask myself whether there is something more than meets the eye about it.

What are you future aspirations? I'd like to pass my interpreting test in Brussels next year and to be able to start supporting myself, and gradually paying back my parents for all the sacrifices they have made so far.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I would like to be able to become invisible, if we're talking about supernatural powers. If it's a normal thing you want, I'd like to be more fit and able to protect myself and the loved ones.

Do you have a quote or philosophy that suits you? Not really -- I'm whimsical, they always change.

This or That

Family or Money: Family -- although if I want to be of any use to them I'd have to choose money as well.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: 50-50, it seems I can never completely embrace a side.
Brave or Cowardly: Cowardly when it comes about facing my fears -- brave when I need to stand up for friends, family or opinions.
Feminine or Masculine: Ummm, I'm into football and I like building things, but I guess I am feminine enough in terms of psychology.
Love or Hate: LOVE. Of course. I don't think I ever fully hated someone.
Silly or Serious: Somewhere halfway -- nothing extreme has ever served us well, right? Though I tend to adopt the wrong stance all the time!
Knowledge or Strength: Knowledge may help the weak as well.
Lover or Fighter: Fighter, I guess -- taken my personal history I haven't been very good at the lover part so far.
Popular or Not: Not really... Somewhere in between. It's nice to know people.
Mature or Immature: Mature. Though I do have the opposite tendencies quite often.
Determined or Laid Back: Determined -- procrastination is such a plague *sigh*.
Home or Adventure: Adventure! Though knowing that I have a home to come back to is always nice.
Introverted or Extroverted: Extroverted, sometimes too much while at it.

What else do you want to say? Nothing really -- this is quite a complete survey if you ask me.

Please vote on everyone that needs votes, and link your votes below: (working on this as we speak!)


Fallen Angel, methinks
I can definitely see the Fallen Angel angle.
agree with the above votes for fallen angel
agree, I definitely see fallen angel
Fallen Angel



Thank you so much - the stamp is lovely!